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Do You Know Medium’s New Distribution Standards?

  • 2 min read

If you want to get Boosted, you should get to know them.

Curation is dead (killed in summer 2022).

Medium’s biggest and most impactful Boost is here.

And maybe you’ve been fumbling around without really knowing what you’re doing …, and that’s why you haven’t been Boosted YET.

On February 21, 2023, Medium updated its Distribution Standards.

These standards are the playbook, every writer needs to know about.

It provides guidance and direction.

I know some say it’s not that clear and precise… but it still tells us how to get Boosted and how to not get Boosted.

This is how it feels to get Boosted:

“I was so excited to be boosted and see my views soar. I always use Grammarly and for this story used my own photos, writing about my DIY experiences.” Michele Baumgardner

There are 5 criteria to get Boostes and a long list of things that will disqualify your story.

Here’s a super helpful checklist for you:

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