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Do You Know the 5 Criteria to Get Boosted?

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Better know them.

Medium’s biggest and most impactful Boost is here.

Tony Stubblebine shared that there are Medium writers experiencing up to 100k views.

“Our goal is that every Boosted story should get at least 500 extra views within the first week.”

On February 21, 2023, Medium updated its Distribution Standards.

It provides guidance and direction.

The 5 Criteria to Get Boosted

Medium is listing 5 criteria in form of questions to get the Boost.

Ask yourself…

1 — Is my story constructive?

  • ✔️You help your reader to level up in some way.

2 — Is it original?

  • ✔️Your story sheds light on something unknown.

3 — Is there relevant experience?

  • ✔️You’re a subject matter expert or have relevant and lived experience.

4 — Is it well-crafted?

  • ✔️Your story is high quality, well-written, clear, and compelling.

5 — Is it memorable?

  • ✔️“Did this story get you thinking?”

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