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Do You Know Who You Are Writing For?

  • 1 min read

I had no idea when I started.

To be honest, although I’m a Marketing pro, I didn’t have a strategy when I started.

My husband recommended Medium — a platform I hadn’t known so far.

As I started writing and publishing hundreds of articles I realized I also needed to sit down and figure out…

  • how to write
  • what to write
  • where to publish
  • who I’m writing for

Regarding the ladder, in the middle of writing, there’s your reader.

To be honest, I even hadn’t got a clue about my ‘perfect reader’. About the reader, I’m writing for. I had no idea.

Each post that you write takes you one step forward and is accelerating your learning process towards knowing more about your reader/s.

Do you think you ‘know’ your reader/s?

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