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Do You Know Your ‘Job-To-Be-Done’ When Writing on Medium?

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If not, you’re missing out

People follow you on Medium because you’re fulfilling a need, answering a question, alleviating pain, or offering an insight

So the real questions, the ones you ought to ink in your mind, are:

  1. Who are you speaking to? Visualize them. What are their dreams, fears, aspirations, and curiosities?
  2. What void are you filling? Are you their entertainer, their mentor, their muse, or their news bearer?

The journey of creating isn’t about casting the widest net.

It’s about being indispensable to the tribe you serve.

Each successful Medium writer exists to fulfill a distinct “job”:

  • Want to become a part-time writer and learn how to thrive? Eve Arnold
  • Want to level up your solopreneur game? Burk
  • Want to have a better connection to yourself and your partner? Yana Bostongirl
  • Want to publish your first book? J.R. Heimbigner

Check out my story about the JTBD when creating online for more:

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