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Do You Know Your Non-Negotiables When Writing Online?

  • 1 min read

It’s important to stick to them

There are so many people complaining about Medium.

When I scroll through my feed I see rants all the time.

Rants are good.

You can feel relieved after you’ve written or read them.

It’s the catharsis as an act of cleansing (i.e. crying (out loud)) we are all longing for when we are blowing off steam.

However, I often wonder whether those writers know their non-negotiables.

Non-negotiables are the boundaries that follow your values and goals.

They are clearly defining what you will and will not allow in your life.

Most writers don’t know their values and goals.

Therefore they can’t set boundaries.

Rating as a therapeutic method is okay but if you feel frustrated about writing on Medium… why not leave?

Maybe Medium treating you like sh*t is your non-negotiable.

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