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Do You Pay Your Boss A Monthly Salary?

  • 1 min read

Some writers are confused.

Apparently, there are some writers on this platform who think that Medium is their employer.

They are confused because they get paid by the platform.

Here’s what's actually happening:

  • Medium is an open platform and you can write about whatever you want.
  • You get returns on the network and environment you grow into.
  • Medium just opens the gates for you.
  • It provides you with a great access point to get started.

Here’s my question to break that confusion:

“If you are working somewhere else, you also don’t pay your boss a monthly salary (like your membership on Medium) don’t you?”

Medium is like a big mall and your writing is for instance a fancy digital item in a shop such as “The Shortform”.

Customers buy your item and you get returns from the money pot of the mall.

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