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Do You Spend Too Much Time Writing Your Stories Online?

  • 1 min read

Some say I’d need too long

A few days ago I got a DM on X.

A fellow creator friend asked me how long it takes to write a long form story on Medium.

I told him that I spend a median of four hours per post.

He said this would be insane in the age of ChatGPT and asked me whether it would be possible to speed things up on Medium a bit by asking ChatGPT to write long form stories for me.

Well, you definitely can try to train ChatGPT and work with it but I learned that with every story you write on your own, I became a better writer and also write faster.

Still, I remember those early days when I spent days writing one story…

I wonder how you feel about this topic! Is there a correlation between the time you spend on a post and how well it does?

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