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Do You Still Write When You’re Sick?

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Apparently, I’m gonna be sick as a dog for the next few years

It was my fear. Now my fear became reality:

My baby boy is sick and I’m starting to feel awful too.

Two weeks ago we made our dream come true and moved to the German Hamptons, a lovely island called Sylt.

I knew my son had to go to childcare one day. The day had come when we moved here.

I just need some time during the daytime to do my work.

Within the last past months, I was sitting far too often at the kitchen table until past midnight.

It’s exhausting.

Moreover, my baby boy, who’s 16 months old, sleeps like a baby Michael Nagy.

Fellow writer and father Michael has found his own way when his son was little. Still, babies are terrible at sleeping.

Why do people say they sleep like babies? I don’t get it.

This isn’t something pretty. It’s awful. My baby boy wakes up several times per night.

And now? Are we gonna be sick as a dog 🐶for the next few years because my baby is in daycare for a few hours?

And if so, I wonder, how can I manage to write in the evening?

Final Takeaways

It’s 9 p.m. German time and I’m sitting at my kitchen table.

As I’m writing these lines I’m sick already. I have a runny nose and I’m coughing…

Well, if you have a dream and a vision for yourself you just go this extra mile, don’t you?

You just sit down, write…and then go to bed.

Do you still write when you’re sick as a dog🐶?

© Kristina God

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