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Do You Trust the Vibes of the Boost Nominators?

  • 2 min read

Yes or No?

In my latest newsletter issue, I shared an interview with one of Medium’s official Boost Nominators.

It was part 3 of my Boost series on Substack.

Since Medium’s Boost Program is relatively new I learned that most writers don’t really know what a Nominator does and how he evaluates stories for Boost.

Here’s what you need to know about Nominators:

  • there are about 60+ Boost Nominators on Medium (soon it will be 100)
  • Nominators are subject matter experts from the community
  • they can nominate your story for a Boost

With its new Boost system, Medium wants to incentive writers.

If you write in a way that Medium as a platform likes, you could get Boosted and… even go viral.

But do you trust the vibes of the Boost Nominators?

Some say they Boost each other, friends, and favs.

What are your experiences with Boost Nominators?

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