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Do You Write On Medium With A Book In Mind?

  • 1 min read

If not, why you definitely should.

You have already begun posting to Medium. I love that!

You’ve already produced engaging stories. Awesome!

You might be surprised to learn that *your book* begins with all of your posts.

The book that is inside of you.

Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine always says:

Write with a book in mind!

If you’re constantly writing about one topic you love, you could combine all articles into an e-book.

I recently shared how to do this on Gumroad.

Gumroad is a self-publishing digital marketplace.

You can offer your book for free or for sale.

My tip is to offer it for free to grow your email address.

The most valuable asset in your writing business is your email subscribers.

You got this!

How to create an ebook on Gumroad? Let me show you:

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