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Does Listening To Classical Music Really Make Your Baby Smarter?

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Baby in utero can’t help but slip on their dancing shoes when hearing Beethoven. But will it become more intelligent too?

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Mozart effect’. It’s the idea that if you let your baby listen to classical music it will become more intelligent.

That’s why mothers put headphones on their bellies, so that their unborn children can already benefit from this amazing discovery.

Amazing, but unfortunately not true.

How the myth of the ‘Mozart effect’ was born

When it comes to scientific evidence on this ‘phenomenon’, there was a study from the University of California in the early 90s. But this study was conducted on students, not children, and wasn’t even about higher IQs.

According to the original paper, the researchers saw a temporary improvement of the brain — but it didn’t exceed 15 minutes after being exposed to classical music. Still, somehow articles were written, links were made and the myth was born.

In fact, the research didn't find any connection between classical music and IQ — or any type of music for that matter.

Playing classical music could be the start of a life-long bond

Although, it doesn’t improve cognitive abilities that doesn't mean you shouldn't let your baby listen to classical music in utero. Because this could be the start of a life-long bond.

This 36-week-old baby for example loves a bit of Beethoven’s music and is dancing in mommy’s womb…

There’s good and bad music selection

According to Dr. Grunebaum, a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it’s best to choose music with a soothing harmony. You shouldn’t choose rap, rock, or heavy metal music. These genres tend to be alarming and loud. Some studies suggest that brain development is adversely affected by these types of music being played.

Nonetheless, experts say, that brain development mostly happens outside the womb. Recently, I read a lovely story called ‘Strumming my Uke for Redemption’ by Carlos Garbiras about playing the pineapple uke with his daughter. Christopher Robin has dedicated his medium pub ‘Songstories’ to the love of music.

My Final Thoughts

Family is like music. Some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song. Unknown

Music has been in our family for generations. In my opinion, as long as it’s not loud and alarming, you should enjoy your favorite music, sing, dance, and play (e.g. the uke for your baby) inside as well as outside your womb. Remember the incredible moves of the 36-week-old fetus? Music is life itself.

What experiences have you made with listening to classical music?

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