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Does Medium Send Rejection Emails Informing That You Were Not Selected as Nominator?

  • 2 min read

It’s just a question of timing.

Several editors who applied to become a Boost Nominator and earn up to $900 USD per month by nominating stories for a Boost are wondering whether they missed an email.

To be more specific: a rejection email that informs them that they haven’t been chosen as Nominators.

Ariel Meadow Stallings, who is responsible for Medium’s Boost Program shared:

“Nope, I’m not sending out rejection emails…”

Currently, there are 550 folks on the waitlist.

You heard that right. More than 500 people.

That’s why the process is so slow.

However, I’ve got good news for all editors who are holding their breath right now waiting to hear back from Medium:

Ariel adds:

“(M)y hope is that when this program moves out of beta, everyone on the list can get it. It’s just a question of timing.”

Want to learn more about the Program and official Boosters?

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