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Dogs Really Cry — According To Science

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When reunited with their owner they shed tears of joy.

We have a 10-year-old white Maltese in our family.

His name is Malti.🐶

When we come home, our furry friend licks our fingers, barks joyfull, brings socks and wags his tail happily with teary eyes.

Although we were only gone for a short time, he welcomes us home as if we had been gone for months.

I guess that’s relatable for all dog owners and lovers.

There’s nothing comparable to the happy face from our furry friend when you come back home, is there?

Now researchers from Japan found out that dogs really cry when reunited with their owners.

That is, when you come home from the supermarket, the gym, kindergarten or just taking out the trash, your dog will really shed a tear!

It’s an emotional reaction of your dog which is pretty beautiful.

It shows you’re his owner and he really loves you.

So we could rephrase Kinki Friedman‘s quote:

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.


Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him cry tears of joy.

The beautiful psychology behind it.

When your furry friend welcomes you back home and you look into his teary eyes this will deepen your interspecies bond.


Because our body will release the love hormone oxytocin.

The same hormone your body releases when you cuddle with your partner, kid, or another loved one.

What are the effects of the hormone oxytocin?

When you’re furry friend is thrilled to see you back home and looks you in the eyes, the love hormone will flood your body.

This makes you feel more “attached” to your dog and will deepen the bond between the both of you.

Additionally, you’ll feel more desire to care for your furry friend.🐶

Key Message: Dogs really can cry tears of joy. This shows he really loves you and cares about you.

© Kristina God

PS: Who knows maybe one day scientists will discover that: Wuff! Wuuf! Wuf! really means: I love you.🐶

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