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Don’t Abuse AI and Lie Like Pinocchio

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AI is now a marketing term and there are guidelines for its use.

ChatGPT. Bing AI. AI-powered Notion. AI-powered Canva.

This is just the beginning of AI.

There’s a lot of chatter on how AI is affecting the work of content creators and writers.

A few days ago, the FTC, “The Federal Trade Commission” that protects American consumers, claimed “Artificial Intelligence” is now a “marketing term”.

“following that definition, something that is subject to overuse and abuse.”

One could compare the use of AI with Pinocchio.

Remember what happened to Pinocchio?

The puppet Pinocchio was punished for every lie he told by growing his nose even more.

His nose grew the more lies he told.


At some point, his nose even becomes so long that Pinocchio can’t even get his nose “through the door of the room”.

Fair warning from the FTC to not abuse the use of AI

The government body posted that the FTC will be watching small businesses and well-known brands and warns all not to abuse the use of AI.

Missteps include…

  • exaggerations about what can be accomplished through AI
  • using the AI label as a reason to inflate prices
  • using the AI label to influence labor decisions
  • not being transparent about the use of AI

Truth, Fairness, and Equity

That’s why the FTC has created a guidance “Aiming for truth, fairness, and equity in your company’s use of AI”.

Under the FTC Act, you should…

  • always tell the truth about how you use data
  • do more good than harm
  • hold yourself accountable

Final Takeaways

Of course, there is no specific guidance for writing online and creating content plus Medium doesn’t offer a guideline (except for their wish that AI-written stories should get labeled).

However, it’s important to make sure that we use it smartly, carefully, and ethically.

What do you think about the (ab)use of AI?

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