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Don’t Feel Unappreciated Because Your Stats Are Down

  • 1 min read

It’s a meta-problem

“Hi Kristina, Please help. My stats are down.

Although I had a curation rate of 85%, Medium doesn’t curate me anymore.

I’m so disappointed…”

Messages like this were flooding my inbox for days.

This showed me two things:

1 — First, apparently, way fewer people are actually seeing my content since Medium launched the “true follow feed,” which doesn’t work as it supposed to be. It simply doesn’t show posts chronologically and often not the work I want to read.

2 — Second, the most important information doesn’t reach the people they’d need it most. Newsflash: Medium killed the “Chosen for further distribution” tag. Distribution at some level still exists. Views are down. Even Jessica Wilfrire is experiencing it. That’s a meta-problem.

With that being said, I really hope you keep on keeping on!

Don’t feel unappreciated. It’s not you!

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