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Don’t Just Leave Your Followers and Readers Hanging in the Digital Wind

  • 2 min read

You can do better

Often (new) writers forget that Medium is a social media platform.

This means you have to be social to succeed.

Of course, you can write a story and then never come back to it… but posting and ghosting is totally WRONG!

I speak from experience

Responding to comments has always been a smart strategy on all social media platforms where I’ve created and shared content — for myself or (as a marketer) for other brands and businesses.

When you receive a comment, seize the opportunity to interact, reply, and even connect for a deeper conversation.

It’s all about cultivating relationships with your audience.

You never know when that connection might lead to a potential customer, a true fan, or a good writing buddy.

Remember, social media is about making connections.

It’s an essential part of growing your presence on Medium — don’t just leave your readers hanging in the digital wind.

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