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Don’t Listen To Dream Killers They Only Want To Tear You Down

  • 1 min read

I’ve got your back!

One of my writing students recently shared a personal story about what she wants her online writing business to be in 2023.

Guess what happened?

She got BRUTAL comments from dream killers:

  • “Nobody’s gonna want to read your stuff!”
  • “Better care for your baby,” they insisted.
  • “Don’t leave your job. It’ll be a waste of time,” they scoffed.

That day, she felt really down.

I told her she had got my back and I’d believe in her.

In addition, I shared that I also had to deal with those dream killers throughout my entire writing career.

All they want is to tear you down and make you stop writing.

Dream killers want to keep you at their level.

Sometimes they are anonymous commenters on Medium.

Sometimes they are in our family.

Here’s the trick: Try to tune them out.

If that’s not possible, at least turn down their volume!

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