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Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did With Affiliate Marketing

  • 2 min read

To more quickly generate passive income online affiliate marketing is a great way to go

Last year, I made around $1,000+ with affiliate marketing.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is pretty simple.

You promote another creator’s service and get paid a commission for doing so.

The creator I supported reached out to me to help gain more paying customers for a course I found valuable

This person made it super easy to simply copy and paste text snippets and create a blog post from it.

I chose to create my own story around the course this person wanted to sell.

Although I added my own spin to it, I made a huge mistake.

I didn’t properly disclose the affiliate relationship.

Here’s what you must do according to the FTC Guidelines (I’m not a lawyer):

  • Disclose the affiliate relationship that you have with the creator you’re promoting
  • Add a note that it’s an affiliate link you’re sharing!

Authenticity and honesty are the way to go.

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