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Don’t Wait For “The One” Idea That Will Be a “Hit” On Medium

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Better start writing crap over and over again.

You might have a few ideas or too many ideas to write a “hit”.

Or you feel stuck because you don’t have any ideas that feel like they could be “the one”.

No matter where you are right now…

The following steps will help you get unstuck:

1Mindset shift: First of all you need to understand that writing a “hit” (something that becomes very popular in a very short amount of time) takes time.

You can’t just sit down and write a story that could be “the one”. Medium’s new CEO Tony Stubblebine said with time you’ll get this occasional hit.

2 — Topic: There’s no perfect topic but it definitely helps to be passionate about the topic you write about. Additionally, there are 73 popular topics on Medium. Check the list and pick the one you write consistently about.

3 — Action: Only putting pen to paper will put everything into motion!


I write whenever I can and really built a writing habit that helps me keep the momentum going and the writing hula hoop spinning.

4 — Headline: Medium’s CEO Tony said in a roundtable discussion that a good headline is really important when writing on Medium. Make your headline catchy and write down at least 10! Yes! Journalists and employees in top-tier publications do the same.

Trust the process. Your occasional hit will come!

Here are some examples

KL Simmons — $1,000+ with one single story

S M Mamunur Rahman — $20,000 with one single story

screenshot from story

FAQ on writing a “hit”

Does your follower count matter?

S M Mamunur Rahman who had 2K followers when he made $20,000 with one story told me in an interview:

(…) I think (from my experience) followers don’t mean anything on Medium.

KL Simmons also only has 2K followers.

I think this is really encouraging for every (new) writer on Medium!

From my experience, I can relate. I had my first ”hit” with less than 1K followers.

How many stories do I have to write to get this occasional hit?

S M Mamunur Rahman shared:

(…) no one can write an article and be sure that it’s going to be a hit.

I wrote 27 more stories in that month and most of them didn’t get me even 5 dollars. Even a lot of my 253 stories written in the last 1.5 years earned me less than one dollar.

I got my first viral story on Medium after posting about 250 stories.

From my experience, more posts can increase the chance.

Does my story need to be curated?

Curation is still the holy grail on Medium.

It means that Medium’s curation team or AI will pick your story and distribute it on Medium’s network.

Both examples were chosen for further distribution.

Meta stories like this one won’t get curated because Medium does not like when we write about the platform (don’t ask me why?!).

However, you can still generate a “hit” with a non-curated piece.

Check out this successful example:

non-curated meta piece about writing on Medium

Final Takeaways

As seen above, one of my most popular pieces explains why the fast and easy buck is a lie.

With writing a “hit” it’s the same.

As sci-fi author Octavia E. Butler shared:

“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.”

So don’t give up until YOUR occasional and miraculous “hit” happens.

It feels too good to be missed!

What do you think about having this one idea that will be a “hit” and did you have one already?

© Kristina God

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