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Earn Money With Hidden Champions That Are Practically Unknown

  • 2 min read

Reader engagement is dependent on the topic you’re writing about.

Claps and comments can be a vanity metric.

Seeing higher reader engagement doesn’t equal actually getting paid more.

There are topics that I refer to as ‘hidden champions’.

Topics that are practically unknown for having huge potential when writing about them.

If you want to make money, why not write about:

  • true crime
  • historical stories
  • historical fiction stories
  • personal, messy stories
  • erotica

If you write about one of these topics on a constant basis at some point those stories can outperform your others 10x.

Why are those topics hidden champions?

  • When people are just plain horny, they love to read a hot piece of erotica.
  • When people love crime, they love true crime even better.
  • History is part of our life. So historical stories — even when they are fictive — get read a lot.
  • If you dare to ‘make your mess your message’ and write about your husband’s telephone sex affair… well, people often can identify with getting cheated on.

Then people not only scan your article, they actually read your piece!

Reading time = money!

Need more tips? Here are my Top Tips from writing 1,500 Medium stories:

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