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Earnings Aren’t The Only Measure Of Success On Medium

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there are others that are priceless

Writers are so obsessed with their earnings that they often forget there are other metrics of success too.

Besides claps, views, reading time, and comments it’s also great…

  • if other writers relate to your work — which shows your work is memorable.
  • you get tagged in an article you might be interested in — this shows this writer knows what you like.
  • if others write articles about you — others want to promote your work and personality and say, for instance, thank you.

The secret to my popularity on Medium

Recently, Karen Madej dedicated a piece to me in which she ‘discovers the secret to (my) popularity’.

Popularity? Karen, don’t make me blush!

OMG, this story made my day and I really felt heard and seen which is priceless.

Check it out, guys!

Why I love to write stories promoting others

I love helping others, sharing my experiences, lessons learned, and Medium tips and tricks.

I also write stories that promote others.

Let me give you some examples to inspire you.

For instance, I wrote…

  • a piece about BichoDoMato’s unique ‘Abutt Me’ story

Isn’t it easy to relate to others?

These efforts aren’t likely to earn much but they feed my soul and help others grow their audience.

They make me a better all-around writer which is priceless.

Final Thoughts

Earnings aren’t the only measure of success on Medium.

Relating to others drives your success on this platform which is priceless.

Building relationships and connecting with others is a powerful tool.

Helping others is a very good way to move forward and spread positive writing karma.

What you get in a couple of months depends on what you build now!

Start now. Help others. Support other writer’s work. We’re #strongertogether.

© Kristina God

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