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Easily Resize Images for Your Medium Stories

  • 1 min read

Medium brought back this awesome editor

Last spring, Medium killed the image resizing feature.

This spring we celebrate a comeback.


Because so many writers were asking for bringing this feature back.

So this news is super exciting.

Here’s how to resize your (featured) image in a Medium story:

  • Go to a new line
  • Click the Plus + button on the left
  • Click the Image button to upload an image from your desktop or the Unsplash button to insert an image directly from the platform.
  • Select the image and choose one of the new placement options.

The new image placement options

  • Floating
  • Full column-width images: 1400px wide
  • Out-set images: 2040px wide
  • Screen-width images: 2500px wide
  • Grid: Upload multiple images. A grid will be automatically generated.

Keep in mind

Your image must be at least 1192px wide.

The image editor supports images up to 25MB in the .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, and .PNG formats.


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