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Easy Words You Should Cut From Your Writing

  • 2 min read

to make your text stronger

When you’re revising your articles there are specific words you can cut to make your message stronger.

When I’m writing a short form post, I’m focusing on cutting useless words.

Thomas Jefferson used said:

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.

Here’s a list of words to spot and reduce in your writing:

  • for the purpose of 👉 to
  • equally as 👉 equally
  • based on the fact that 👉 because
  • in the event of 👉 if
  • in order to 👉 to
  • take action 👉 act
  • a majority of 👉 most
  • in close proximity to 👉 near
  • during the course of 👉 during
  • in the absence of 👉 without

Do you have any examples?

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