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Enjoy The Moment While You Can

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because this moment is all we have

In the early days of my Medium journey, I wrote a lot about my life as a new parent. Within only two months I became a Top Writer in #parenting.

I wrote about the shocking truth of breastfeeding:

  • When my baby boy hadn’t had a milkshake for an hour, our baby even tried to slobber on my husband’s right, then left ‘breast’.
  • But he learned quickly: ‘Gross! These are useless!

I shared anecdotes about my opera singing and biting beaver:

  • He loved to ‘sing’ in a high-pitched voice.
  • In the morning, he was already warming up by vocalizing all the way to the top of his range.

In retrospect, I’m happy about all these unique moments.

It’s true… Burk Robert Ralph Tom Fenske Adelina Vasile Karine Barbier kids grow up so fast.

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