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Ev Williams’ Birthday And 5 More Facts You Didn’t Know About Medium’s CEO

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for instance, he has a net worth of $3bn.

At the end of March, we can wish Medium’s CEO — Ev Williams — a fabulous birthday.

Ev will turn 51 this year.

You didn’t know about this?

Well, here are 5 more facts you probably didn’t know about the owner of this wonderful platform.

5 incredible facts about Ev Williams

5 — He’s a self-made billionaire (with a net worth of $3bn).

Ev could have easily retired. But he didn’t. I suppose because creating gives you more pleasure than money could ever give you.

4 — He co-founded Blogger, Twitter, and Medium.

3 — He lives in San Fran.

2 — He’s married and a father of two.

1 —This platform, Medium, will celebrate 10 years this October!

I’m sure we’ll celebrate together — in form of a writing challenge, a new acquisiton, bonuses or another surprise.

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