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Ev Williams Invests In AI Platform Sudowrite

  • 2 min read

It can help you write a book.

AI has become ubiquitous.

Although it can’t write entire books, there is a platform called Sudowrite that is almost capable of doing so!

No one knows when AI will be able to write a whole book, but if you try this AI tool for free, you will see how powerful and helpful AI can be.

AI is not our enemy.

It can be our friend and partner.

Many writers and authors work with AI tools and use them in their creative writing process.

Sudowrite is one of the tools that help them do this.

Ev Williams, the founder of Medium, has also invested in the platform, as have the founders of Gumroad, and Rotten Tomatoes.

I think the world will still need real people writing engaging stories with a human emotion component…

…but with Ev Williams investing in this platform, he also sees AI becoming more ubiquitous and powerful.

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