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Ev Williams Is Now Chairman

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and exploring the (tech) world

Some of you might have wondered what has happened to Ev Williams after he handed over the reins to Tony Stubblebine.

Ev is the founder of Medium and served the company for 10 years as CEO.

In August, Tony Stubblebine became the second CEO in Medium’s history.

As a top-decision maker, he is responsible for the leadership and management of the business. He oversees the daily operations and logistics.

Ev became Chairman of Medium.

He is leading the Board of Directors and is laser-focused on Medium’s strategy for the future. He evaluates the CEO.

On LinkedIn, he states that he is “exploring” the (tech) world right now.

Although Stubblebine acts as the “face” of Medium, Chairman Ev and CEO Tony work closely together to lead the company.

Ev is still making decisions behind the scenes.

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