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Even If It Wasn’t The Perfect Day You’d Envisioned With Your Child

  • 2 min read

Tag it in your memory as a good day.

There is a saying in German that children belong in the garden.

In January 2021, we moved into a bigger flat with a garden. We could reach the garden via a staircase.

Mastering two floors with a baby is an adventure that doesn’t happen every day.

Parents can imagine all the stuff I have to pack to go anywhere with a small baby in diapers…

They say, especially for a family, garden life is like paradise. While the parents relax, the child explores his surroundings.

I still can remember this sunny summer day.

Our baby knocked everything over.

He had sticky banana fingers and my husband's coffee was spilled all over the blanket.

When I look back on this day, I only remember my happy baby clapping his chubby little hands.

I tagged this day in my memory as a good day, even if it wasn’t the perfect day I’d envisioned.

I spent quality time with my family. The most precious gift on earth.

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