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Ever Celebrated That You Failed?

  • 2 min read

It’s your first attempt in learning.

Throughout my entrepreneurial (writing) journey, one thing became clear to me:

rushing through all the steps, pumping out tons of content, and skipping the celebrations will never, ever fuel you.

It might even be one of the reasons you feel burned out at some time in the future.

🥳This sound a bit strange, but I even celebrate the misses and the hard times.🥳

I celebrate when I fail just as much as I celebrate when people sign up for my online courses.

It’s essential to celebrate along the way — even your misses.

The moment you celebrate your misses you don’t really celebrate that you failed but that you keep showing up even in hard times.

Then when you celebrate the good stuff, it’s even sweeter.

🥳Share in the comments a small win you want to celebrate today!🥳

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