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Ever Heard Of The Publication BAOS On Medium?

  • 1 min read

It’s powerful for book lovers

You might have heard that Medium cut off financial support for bigger publications on Medium last year.

People used to use publications to get in front of bigger audiences.

That was their opportunity to get their stories distributed beyond their following without curation.

With so many publications gone, it’s difficult for new writers to get found anymore.

For me, BAOS — Books are our superpower is a great bigger publication to get published in.

Yesterday, I published a new story with them and got featured on their front page. Yessss!

I heard from several of my students that BAOS is still a powerful publication in regard to reach.

BAOS has 16K followers and a strong community of readers and book lovers.

If you say: “Kristina, I love this!”

Go check out BAOS:


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