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Ever Wondered If You Are The Narcissist?

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Maybe you’re the one in bondage.

It seems as if everyone is throwing the label narcissist around nowadays.

Especially on social media.

Quora is full of it. Medium is full of it.

Have you ever wondered if you are the narcissist in your relationship?

Well, I once did.

My ex-boyfriend never self-reflected.

He wasn’t interested in taking a deeper look inside or taking accountability for his actions.

He didn’t think anything was wrong with him at all.

His perspective was wholly self-serving.

It was much too late when I realized that, in this charming man I was dating, I was dealing with a textbook narcissist who couldn’t really love me.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to realize that you were the only one doing the loving.

Taking off my rose-colored glasses.

After weeks of being in love, I found myself taking off my rose-colored glasses, and, with time, the true face of my boyfriend came more and more to light.

Above all, with time, I also began to express more clearly my needs and desires, which did not suit him.

He accused me of what he was himself:


So, I wondered if maybe I was the narcissist in our relationship.

Luckily, one of my friends helped me and said:

True narcissists don’t care. They never wonder at all.

Here’s one easy way to tell whether you’re a narcissist.

If you wonder whether you’re a narcissist…

Here’s one easy way to tell.

If you’ve asked yourself this question, then the answer is simple:

No, you are not a narcissist.

However, if you’re asking this question, it may very well mean that you are a victim of a narcissist.

Psychotherapist Bonelli says:

The narcissist circles (…) around himself in love.

He is like a man in bondage.

Final Takeaways

When you wonder, while reading all of these articles on Quora and Medium, whether you’re the narcissist…

Do something about it!

Kiss your narcissist lover goodbye before it breaks you.

Your emotional freedom depends on it.

Leave him.

Leave the pain of loving a narcissist behind forever.

Here’s my story:


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