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Everyone and Their Mother Is Blogging Online and My Seat Is Already Taken

  • 1 min read

True or False?

6 years back, Instagram was the wild wild west.

Everyone and their mother was there. With a personal account or a brand account.

Everybody said they were an influence.

My hubby and I also had an account and became travel influencers.

A lot of doors opened because we had thousands of fans, although there also were millions of others posting on Insta and influencing others.

It’s been 4 years since we quit being Insta influencers and sharing our stories with the community.

I quit being an influencer on Instagram.

Now, with online blogging, I’m creating written content in a world where everyone seems to be doing the exact same thing.

However, unique opportunities, such as freelancing proposals, online course creations, and coaching others, come my way.

No, YOUR seat is not taken!

Trust me, the blogging universe has something magical for YOU to offer!

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