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Expectations And Reality Diverge With A Baby

  • 1 min read

At least our baby is happy…

It’s great for children to be in the garden. It would help them thrive, they say. Especially for a family, it’s like paradise. While the parents relax, the baby explores his surroundings. Yeah… real-life looks different.

Expectations vs. reality:

  • We’re sitting in our folding chairs — our baby occupies both
  • The red parasol provides shade — our baby knocks it over
  • We enjoy our coffee and take a sip out of our thermos flasks— the thermos rolls under the bush as our little one tries playing with it. Our baby starts screaming because he wants the thermos back.
  • We enjoy fruity bananas — our baby eats all bananas and spreads the sticky banana across the blanket

Here’s my hilarious anecdote😎 🤩:

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