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Facebook Doesn’t Accept Me — They Think I Have a Fake Name

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My last name is God. And it’s my real name.

When I studied journalism and media communications in Cologne, we were allowed to bring our laptops to class.

While I was studying what the professor shared, so many of my fellow student friends were on…can you fill in the blank… Facebook.

My email inbox was filled to the brim with email invites from fellow students who asked me to join the platform.

One day a male student told me grinning:

“You’re missing out. Kristina. Everyone is there!”

I stuck out my tongue (at least in my head).

I’ve always loved swimming against the current

It wasn’t the missed student party updates that convinced me to join.

Guess what or who convinced me?

It was one of my professors I liked for his youthfulness.

After class, we talked and then he asked me whether I’d use Facebook.

“I don’t use Facebook (yet)”, I told him.

He grinned and said:

“Journalists need to stay up to date, don’t you think?”

He got me.

In the evening I accepted one of the many invites and joined.

I still remember seeing this blue mask where I only could sign in without actually seeing what was BEHIND it.

From that day on I used what was BEHIND the blue wall.

I used Facebook on a daily basis. Sometimes even during class.

I never missed a party anymore.

I made new “friends”.

I even wrote my bachelor's thesis about social media consumption and what makes people follow a brand such as Coke on a platform such as Facebook.

This was many years ago.

I wasn’t married to Patrick God so I was signed in with my mother’s name which was hard to spell and pronounce.

Fast forward to today, I still use Facebook in my professional life for the brands I’m working for as a marketing expert in an international company, but I don’t have a private Facebook account.

Now to access a private, invite-only pop-up Facebook group, I wanted to join again.

A few months back, I created a NEW account under my new last name and had to identify myself.

A few days ago, I had to do this again.

Showing my ID in front of the webcam.


Because my last name is “God”.

It’s my real name.

As an employee at Maui airport once stated:

“Apparently God comes from Germany and is female”

So today I sent a tweet via X, maybe someone's seeing it from Facebook:

I’ll keep you in the loop.

Any advice, thoughts, or cool jokes as Rejoice Denhere?

Let me know in the comments!

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