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FAQ — Ask Simily Everything You Want To Know

  • 2 min read

Here’s your chance. The next big blogging platform asks you to submit your questions.

If you’ve started to explore the blogging platform Simily you might have some questions you’re googling but don’t get an answer to.

Since I’ve shared my news story about Simily (which became a viral hit), a lot of writers have shared their lessons learned, pros and cons, and rants about Simily.

Simily could soon become a great competitor to Vocal, NewsBreak, and other writing platforms.

It’s promising.

Although (similar to Medium) it’s not easy to get 1,000 views, the moment you reach this threshold, you’ll get for instance $20.

Good news: Submit your questions

Simily is putting together an FAQ.

What are you waiting for?

Submit your question and get the answer you’re waiting for so long!

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