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F*ck “Just Start Somewhere” If You Want To Get Paid On Medium

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You need a plan and a framework.

He wanted to throw in the towel.

He told me about tearful nights with his wife.


Because as a new part-time writer he *just started somewhere*.

He got this advice from a Top Writer on Medium.

Sorry, but this sounds well-meaning and clueless at the same time

As part-time creators, our time and energy aren’t endless.

We’re not full-time creators who can try this and that when we’re first starting out.

We need a plan.

We need a framework.

Don’t listen to Top Writers who try to pump you up with some spin on the following:

  • “Just start somewhere.”
  • “Just write more articles, post more on social.”

That’s a recipe for wasted energy and shattered confidence.

However, this Top Writer inspired me to create The Medium Kickstarter Guide with “first do this, then do that” methods and a little Boost to get started.


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