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Feeling Stuck?

  • 1 min read

I Can Help You

Unfortunately, writing on Medium can be frustrating when you’re a newbie.

When you submit an article to a (bigger) publication you either get a generic rejection message

Hey Kristina,

Thank you very much for submitting your story.

We’re going to pass on this. But we really appreciate …. and we hope you will keep sending us more…

… or they will just ignore your submission.

Although rejection is a good thing, as a novice writer, that’s probably not the kind of response you want to receive.

At the beginning of my writing journey, submitting an article to a bigger publication seemed to be impossible.

But it's not!

I am convinced nine out of ten writers can get their awesome articles published in the publications of their dreams.

I can help you.

There are 7 slots left in my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp 2 in February:

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