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Finally! Medium Extends To Short-Form Writing

  • 1 min read

Now it’s embracing short as well as long-form content.

I love the art of microblogging or short-form writing.


Because you have to get your message across in a concise and exact way — without the fluff.

However, long-form content is super important to deliver more context, insights, and background information.

I love that Medium readers are willing to read a post that takes 3 to 7 minutes.

Most people suffer from the so-called “internet brain” and can only read for a few seconds.

Medium is known for its medium-sized content and people love it.

In 2020, Medium introduced short-form content and started monetizing it.

Now, in 2023 Medium is going one step further and joining the microblogging site Mastodon!

This shows Medium thinks it’s worth operating in both spaces.

With YouTube shorts, TikTok shorts, and short-form content being on the rise, I can only say….

FINALLY Medium is embracing short form!

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