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Forget All The Rumors About Medium’s New Boost, Here’s What You Should Know

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I can share with you tips and tricks based on *insider information*.

Are you tired of all the misinformation and rumors that always circulate about Medium when there’s a change?

Me too!

I was longing for clear, credible, and useful information about Medium’s new Boost Beta Program.

So today I’m jumping out of my skin excited, new writer.

Finally, I can share with you tips and tricks based on *insider information*.

This *insider* is new on Medium.

Her name is Ariel Meadow Stallings. She’s the Director of Publication Relations.

Ariel is the one who’s holding all the strings together when it comes to the Boost Program.

Medium updated its Distribution Playbook

The first thing you need to know is that Medium updated its Distribution Guidelines on February 21, 2023.

These standards are the playbook, every writer needs to know about.

Ariel’s tip:

“Reading those Distribution Standards several times is probably a great place to start!”


They provide guidance and direction and also list the 5 criteria to get Boosted.

The 5 Criteria to Get Boosted

Medium is listing 5 criteria in form of questions to get the Boost.

Ask yourself…

1 — Is my story constructive?

  • ✔️You helped your reader to level up in some way.
  • ✔️There’s a takeaway message.
  • ✔️Your story makes your reader’s life, job, and relationship better.
  • ✔️Your story “elicit(s) a real laugh or emotion.”

2 — Is it original?

  • ✔️Your story sheds light on something unknown.
  • ✔️Your story explores a topic that’s not frequently examined.
  • ✔️Your story “re-examines something we think we know a lot about to shed new light, voice, or perspective on the topic.”

3 — Is there relevant experience?

  • ✔️You’re a subject matter expert (e.g. financial advisor, sailor, artist) or have relevant and lived experience (e.g. are divorced, gave birth, are retired).
  • ✔️You have done “thorough research” and share links to your sources.
  • ✔️You have first-hand experience that is credible, for instance, you’re a photographer and you’re sharing tips to buy a new digital camera.
  • ✔️You have in-depth knowledge and (insider) insights about certain topics so that you can communicate them effectively.

4 — Is it well-crafted?

  • ✔️Your story is high quality, well-written, clear, and compelling.
  • ✔️Your story is formatted properly, “free of errors, appropriate sources, and narratively strong” (e.g. you use Grammarly (as a non-native) to check your grammar).
  • ✔️Your story has an image that provides value and your title and subtitle are interesting and properly formatted (e.g. Medium prefers title case for the headline and no clickbait).

5 — Is it memorable?

Medium states:

“The best stories are the ones you’re still thinking about days later.”

  • ✔️“Are you compelled to share this with your network?”
  • ✔️“Did this story get you thinking?”
  • ✔️“Did this story “move you”?”
  • ✔️“Did this story (m)ake you feel good about the value of your Medium subscription?”

But wait, there’s more…

During the interview, Ariel explained:

“(…) Boost Beta is to try and bring more of that human touch into the process of helping really remarkable stories get seen across the platform.

(…) Yes, there are algorithms and machine learning, and computers involved. But ultimately, writing, curating, and publishing are all very human art forms.”

This means Medium is looking for your messy stories.

Dare to make yourself vulnerable.

Leave your comfort zone and share something about your life.

Let me give you an example:

On YouTube, Jeannette (JeJe) Quinton – book salvor & quipster shared with me that she’s been in recovery from alcohol since 1999 and Jeje is longing to write about her messy stories.

So why not make your mess your message?

There are several new writers who dared to share their messy stories and got Boosted!

Do you want to learn more about the Boost? Sure thing!

Watch the interview with Ariel on YouTube:

Grab the FREE *Get Boosted on Medium* guide!

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