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Forget Trello — Better Use MagicToDo

  • 1 min read

It’s magical!

Often the smaller subtasks are more overwhelming than the big ones.

If you feel the same, MagicToDo by Goblin.Tools is for you.

I used to use Trello's project management tool but switched to this AI-driven tool!

How does MagicToDo work?

The moment you type in a to-do you want to get done, MagicToDo will generate the often overwhelming subtasks for you.

Let’s say you plan a blog post, newsletter issue, video, or eBook. This AI-driven tool really can help you.

MagicToDo helps me to break my tasks down into smaller tasks and I can also train the tool by adding my own subtasks.

When I first shared this tool with my community, here’s what they said:

“I tried them all out and even the Chef one was sooo much fun and soo helpful!” Karen Michaels — the multi-hyphenate life

Get to know MagicToDo:

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