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Free Library Of Age-Positive Images

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Thanks for this because I looked in the mirror and thought “a selfie would scare people.” Rodrigo S-C

We’re a society that’s scared of aging.

So I’m glad that on Medium there’s a wonderful publication called The Crow’s Feet.

It’s a publication of essays and poems by writers who are finding meaning in life as we age.

The beautiful Nancy Peckenham is the owner of the pub that attracts hundreds of people.

My writer friends Patricia Ross and Charlie Garrett are part of the thriving community.

When we write stories about aging where do we find proper images?

Nancy has the answer:

Many have noted that the air-blown photos of tanned and fit older people just don’t reflect how we feel — and how we live.

In Britain, the Centre for Ageing Better has launched a new library of age-positive images — and they are free to use!


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