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Free Medium Kickstarter Email Course

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Medium offers a myriad of possibilities. Let me guide you.

A few hours ago, Debbra Lupien, Voice of the Akashic Records commented:

Thank you for the inspiration! Just posted my first short (form).

You’ve opened the door to a myriad of possibilities. 🙏🏻

Yes, that’s what the writing platform offers. Thousands of possibilities.

But where to start?

One year ago, I had the same problem. I was overwhelmed. I was frustrated. Dang it!

Let me ask you some questions for 2022:

  • Would a Kickstarter email course help you to get started?
  • Would it be hugely beneficial to learn the basics of online writing on Medium?
  • Would it help you if someone kicked you in the butt to do the work?
  • Would it set you up for long-term success?

You already know the answers are yes, yes, and yessss!

Writing on Medium — made easy

Many boot campers of my online course can’t believe how easy writing on Medium can be.

All they have to do is show up. Do the work.

It’s a beautiful thing.

With my upcoming email course, I’ll make it super easy for you to implement my tips and tricks f-a-s-t.

I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned in a year of doing this into easy-to-digest step-by-step lessons.

The best thing. It’s free.

If you’re a new writer, get into action and join my email list to have access to my free email course.

It will be launched soon and sent directly to your inbox!

Let’s jump to the next level — together!

Join my email list here:

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