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From 0 to 35,000 YouTube Subscribers In About 12 Months

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It’s doable to grow your audience fast. Here’s living proof.

It’s a true story.

My husband and business partner Patrick God went from ground zero to 35,000 YouTube subscribers in about 12 months.

Stats Patrick God

Starting on YouTube can feel frustrating.

As a beginner, it takes very long to create videos.

Often you only hear crickets and don’t get any traffic.

I’m a beginner myself and I love to skip the learning curve and see results right away:

1 — You need to set up your YouTube channel properly — make sure to have an avatar, short description, and banner plus links to your socials

2— Do better research before you create so that you know what your audience wants and needs to create a powerful video. On YouTube, search for “How To…” and then add the topic you want to talk about.

3 — Engage with every viewer that comments to let YouTube’s algorithm know there’s real engagement and interaction.

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