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From 5.6 To 5.9 Followers Within A Few Hours. I Like This Bug!

  • 1 min read

Apparently, there’s a new display bug.

Yesterday, I reached 5.6 followers.

When I checked my stats this morning, it was almost the same amount.

About 40 new followers overnight.

But what happened then was spectacular!

When I logged into my account this evening… I suddenly had 5.9 followers.

Wait? What? 260 followers within only a few hours.

Instead of making me happy about it, it made me suspicious.

In the last past month, we experienced a lot of really weird display bugs.

But this bug (if it’s one) it’s different!

  • It’s rewarding.
  • It’s soothing the writer’s soul.

So maybe this time, it’s a nice bug.

A bug that adds followers to our account instead of showing less or even zero followers as it happened to many Medium writers lately, for instance, Illumination Gaming.

What do you think? Have you also seen an increase in your following or something else?

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