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From Zero to 2,500 Substack Subs In 10 Months

  • 2 min read

Three ways to grow your email list

Did you know I have one of the most successful YouTube videos about Substack growth on YouTube?

Yes, I do have a YouTube channel and I love to create videos.

Inspired by my journey on the newsletter platform Substack…

Karen Cherry who makes $12K in revenue with her newsletter, shared three things that helped me to grow from zero to 2,500+ subs.

Can you guess the three things that helped me grow?

Here they are:

1 — Collabs — On Substack, you can recommend other writers and their Substack publications. I collaborate with a handful of writers in my niche.

2 — Value — I always put value first! Most of the time this also means free content. On Substack, I share my knowledge as a journalist turned PR and marketing pro and part-time creator.

3— Consistency — It’s key. Writing has to become your habit. It’s mine. I write whenever I can.

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