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From Zero To Billions — 5 Things You Can Learn From This Razor Startup

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Let me introduce to you the Dollar Shave Club.

Have you ever heard about the so-called Dollar Shave Club?

Their motto:

We got you. We spend our days focused on helping you look, feel, and smell your best.

A friend from New York City told me about this innovative startup yesterday.

They went from zero to selling for more than a billion dollar within four years.

They are so creative, and innovative, and do things so differently that I just had to share…

The 5 things you can learn from the Dollar Shave Club (DSC) about Marketing:

5 — Transformation:

All men reading this may remember the old days when you had to go into a grocery store and ask whether you could get some razors from the lock and key cabinet 😅

Dollar Shave Club disrupted the shaving industry.

They transformed the typical business model by offering a recurring membership model.

…by delivering “F*cking Great Blades” at an awesome price, right to your door. DSC

4 — Positioning:

Instead of selling razors one-off you sign up to get your favorite products on a regular basis.

We’ve been listening to our Members’ needs ever since, and now have you covered from hair to toe with a growing list of top-shelf grooming products. DSC

3 — New Way:

This is a totally new way to buy and sell razors.

You also get exclusive savings on their products, gifts, or rewards on your birthday, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and Club Pros to answer your questions.

2 — Branding:

You can customize a box of products just for you and join the Dollar Shave Club with other like-minded people.

1 — New customer experience:

Shopping razors went from being ridiculous to convenient.

You pay your membership on a monthly basis based on the products you want to receive.

I love the flexibility of this service and the quality of the products. My bathroom has received a serious upgrade, states one customer on their DSC website.

The Bottom Line: Do things differently to be successful

The common thread of all 5 points mentioned:

  • Back in 2011, the startup Dollar Shave Club dared to do things differently.
  • They were pioneers.
  • Today, they are very successful with their membership model.

Instead of being obsessed with other online entrepreneurs and successful influencers start doing your own thing.


Rooting for you!

© Kristina God

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