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Game-Changing Referral Bonus Update

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How you can identify your referred member

In August, Medium revamped its Partner Program.

Medium’s new revenue-sharing model allows writers to earn recurring income when they manage to convert non-paying readers into paying members.

You get $2.27 per month for 1 referred member, which adds up over time and is a nice bonus payment.

If you wanted to say thank you to the referred member, you couldn't do this.

One crucial piece was missing:

  • Medium didn’t give you further information about the user.

Yesterday, I’ve discovered Medium updated its referral model again:

  • You get a notification when you have a newly referred member.
  • You can see his/her Medium handle and email address.

This is exciting news, isn't it?

You can now…

  • communicate with your referral
  • become a Medium friend
  • direct your marketing efforts in the right direction

Here’s the story — thanks to Ashley Turner ❤️‍🔥

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