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Get Access To Free Tutorial Videos About Writing On Medium

  • 1 min read

No, I’m not kidding. No money is involved!

There are A LOT of Medium courses out there ranging from $10 to $800.

Last year, I offered two Medium Kickstarter Cohorts too.

This year, I just couldn’t make the time to update my course yet BUT I have a nice surprise for you.

If you’re looking for tutorial videos about writing on Medium and you don’t want to spend any money…

Get access to 4 tutorial videos about Medium:

1 — How to become a Medium Top Writer in 3 Easy Steps

25 Reasons Why You Should Join Big Medium Publications in 2023

3 — How to Become a Verified Author on Medium

4 — Top 10 Publications on Medium in 2023

On my new YouTube channel, I also cover:

  • creating and growing your newsletter with Substack
  • creating your own website and blog
  • content creation and marketing topics

My latest video is about ChatGPT and Content Creation.

Kristina God YouTube channel

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