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Get Paid on Substack with “Pledges” — Here’s How

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Substack says on average 3–5% will pay for your work.

On Substack, your subscribers pay you.

There is no algorithm.

Substack sends your emails right into your subscribers’s inboxes.

It’s crucial to get paid for your writing.

I’m a fan of giving as much as possible away for free but the idea of Substack is that you can earn a living from writing!

That’s what I love.

In the past people asked how many followers you have. Now they ask how many subscribers you have.

Substack says on average 3–5% will pay you.

What gives me an extra confidence Boost is that I already received 14 pledges.

It’s a token of appreciation that warms your heart and pays off.

Pledges are a tool for your audience to show you they believe your work is valuable.

All you have to do is turn on pledges by clicking on the toggle and set a fair price.

Learn more in my trending video:

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