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Get The Adobe Firefly 2 AI Image-Prompt Guide For Free and Create Unique Images for Your Stories

  • 2 min read

Learn the SDOS framework to prompt efficiently — without feeling frustrated about the results.

Ever dreamed of being your own creative director when looking for images online?

With Adobe Firefly (you have free credits to try it), you become the creative director!

Want a hyperrealistic portrait?

Or maybe show a heartwarming scene between a granddad and his grandson?

Oh… you dreamt about a koala astronaut flying around the universe? Gotcha!

Say the word, and Firefly 2 will sketch your imagination into pixels.

As a writer, that’s what I love about Adobe Firefly 2

The level of detail and nuance surpasses its predecessor, taking the emotional depth of your visuals to a whole new level.

Plus, thanks to Adobe’s user-friendly interface, creating your next masterpiece is just a few clicks away.

What are you waiting for?

Get ready to create awesome featured images for your Medium stories!

I just uploaded my new long-form tutorial on YouTube. I show you how to create stunning featured images in seconds — no matter what topic you want to write about.

In addition, I created a kickass Prompt Guide for Adobe Firefly (that also helps you with prompting in Canva Magic Studio and DALL-E3).

For my followers and friends, it’s free.

Grab the kickass Adobe Firefly 2 Prompt Guide today and explore what’s possible:

oh and here’s the tutorial video:

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